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The Markup of Jewelry

At Monti Jewelers, we never mark-up our diamonds more than 20% and a lot of times much less. But, a 20% markup on diamonds is not always the case with other jewelry stores. 


What is the markup on diamonds?

Retail Stores

Diamonds have always been a gem that people go through a lot of trouble to obtain. The same is true today and the numerous hands a diamond passes through in order to get to your local jewelry store. By the time that diamond reaches the store, expect the jeweler to charge 1.5 to 3 times the original cost. 


At Monti Jewelers, we never mark-up our diamonds more than 20% of the original cost. 


Internet Diamonds and Jewelry

There was a time when the Internet retailers of diamonds marked them up 100% of the original cost. Times have changed though and today they have much slimmer markups near 20%. Without much overhead, online diamond jewelers can keep their mark-ups relatively low. 


Monti Jewelers provides the same mark-ups with the added customer service of a retail store. 


Here are some other reasons why you shouldn’t purchase jewelry online:

  1. You can’t see the sparkle. It is often that feeling of sparkle that elicit a feeling of excitement and glam. 

  2. You never really know what you are getting without an experienced jeweler guiding you through the process. 

  3. If you are unhappy with your product when delivered, then what are you going to do?

  4. Who will you turn to with questions?

  5. Grading reports don’t tell the entire story of the diamond. Not all grading labs are trustworthy.


The Four C’s Do Matter

These C's do matter, and it will affect the overall price of the diamond. However, there's a balance between perfection and price that you should ultimately consider, especially since many of the "imperfections" that devalue the ring aren't visible to the naked eye. 


An experienced jeweler can help you find a diamond and piece of jewelry that you desire within your budget. It is the expertise of a retail jeweler that can help create that balance between the perfection of the diamond and the parameters you have set for the ring. 


Mistakes to Avoid When Shopping for an Engagement Ring

Hopefully, you have selected a jeweler and they will guide you through the process of selecting an engagement ring. The chances of you avoiding these common pitfalls will be very high if you do so. 


Read on to discover mistakes grooms often make when shopping for an engagement ring and how to avoid them.


  1. They only focus on diamond size - There are so many different elements of a diamond including the 4 Cs (cut, color, clarity, carat). A diamond the truly sparkles will be more eye-appealing than a slightly larger diamond. 

  2. No thinking ahead with the wedding band - Once your big day finally happens, your spouse will probably want to wear the engagement ring with the new wedding band. In order for them to look cohesive, the wedding band so match or look nice with the engagement ring. 

  3. Ring Comfort - Appearance is important but so is comfort. Remember, this will be the jewelry piece that she will wear the most—in most cases, it will be on her finger every day. So the comfort of the engagement ring should be a top priority.

  4. Not getting certification - Make sure your diamond is certified by a lab. While uncertified diamonds do save you money, it is unsure you are getting the diamond that you were promised. 


How to Get Your Money's Worth With a Diamond 

The only certain way to make sure your diamond is as promised is to work with an expert jeweler and to purchase only certified diamonds. 


If you are purchasing a natural diamond, you will want to make sure that it has a GIA certificate to ensure its value. You can look for a IGI or GCAL certificate for lab-created diamonds. 


It is important to search for certified diamonds for a few reasons:


  1. It protects both credible jewelers and customers from some not so credible sales teams. With a certification there is no way to stretch the truth on some of the diamond features and markup the price to extraordinary levels. 

  2. A certificate protects your investment. If your diamond comes with a certificate, you know the color, clarity and diamond proportions are correct. This will help ease your mind when purchasing the diamond as well as assist in getting your ring insured. 


Monti Jewelers is there to help you get the most for your money. We provide transparent markup promises and the customer service you deserve. Contact us today for help.

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