Professional Services


Get an appraisal for your jewelry

by one of our experts.


All repairs are completed right in the store and never shipped to another location. Your satisfaction of the repair is guaranteed and your jewelry will be secure.

Fine Jewelry Cleaning

Professional jewelry cleaning lasts longer and is less harmful to your precious metals and stones than most at-home cleaners.

We will clean 10, 14 and

18 karat gold and platinum pieces while you wait.


If you are looking for truly unique jewelry, visit our shop and bring your idea.

Our master jewelers can create the custom pieces designed

to your specifications

Rhodium Finishing

Through a special process called Rhodium Finishing, we can protect your white gold jewelry from scratching or tarnishing over time. This electroplating process takes less than 12 hours and will help protect your jewelry from normal wear.

Watch Battery Replacement

Let us handle the battery replacement of your favorite time piece. Our experts will complete the replacement while you browse the store.

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